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We are honored to host one of the most sought-after
instructors in the country.... A living Rembrandt

David Leffel
Still Life Painting Workshop

In Los Angeles Fri., Aug 30 - Sun. Sept 1
3 Days, 10am to 5pm,
intensive, personalized instruction,
live demos, Only $749 for 3 days!

A Rare Opportunity to study with
a living master


David Leffel is the artists' artist of portraits and still life. For 22 years he taught at the Art Students League and had classes at his studio in New York. David now resides in the southwestern United States where he teaches at several workshops. His work has been featured in many shows and museums and he has won numerous awards.

"Every mark, every brushstroke one registers on the canvas requires the utmost taste and sensitivity to produce a beautiful painting. This quality of caring and consideration is what makes the art of the discipline so wonderfully difficult. It is not the technical problems. It is in understanding that everything matters - in painting and in life." The words are David Leffel's. Leffel is as much respected for his art as for his teaching. He is less concerned with passing on elements of technique than he is with inspiring his students to see the world with new eyes, to become "sensitive to the remarkable significance of life." This is not to say that he does not have very specific notions of the importance of solving technical problems, of learning what to include and what to leave out of a canvas. He is a painter who continues to inspire all those who paint and those who wish to see a world of beauty revealed. Leffel talks about the setup, blocks in the head, roughs the clothing and facial features. Next, the planes of the face begin to appear, each brush stroke direction creating apparent movement of the muscles around the face. Throughout the demonstration, the painter explains step-by-step exactly what he is doing and affords special insights into his technique.


3 Day Still Life Painting Workshop

Gain insight from David Leffel's highly acclaimed 35-year career as painter and instructor. David will illustrate the importance of "painting the light" using Rembrandt’s technique of chiaroscuro in his famous still life paintings. This workshop presents new ways to approach and understand painting as art, and about portraying the essence of the subject. Leffel believes if you just copy your subject matter you’re missing ninety per cent of the art. His paintings are simple in concept. They have one essential visual idea about color, shapes, values, edges, alone or in combination. These are things that paint can do. The idea or visual concept creates a relationship between objects.

Do not underestimate the power of still life painting. It can make time stand still as you share your own small Universe with the viewer. At the very least, a still life painting is an important discipline to any serious artist. At best, the still life gives the viewer time to ponder, reflect and extrapolate the importance of the subject. Through demonstrations and hands-on instruction, David will reveal the power of still life step-by-step, showing exactly what he is doing. Learn to apply the many secrets of Leffels' painting techniques, including the subtle use of brilliant color and achieving the impasto quality of his highlights.