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Contemporary Printmaking

With instructor

Steven James Mayorga

Contemporary Printmaking: Monotype techniques and skills

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)


Tues. 10am - 1pm

Classes start October 10th!

Course Description

Printmaking is a medium that pushes an artist boundaries, while promoting thought evoking processes that make artist rethink and re-contexualize how they approach their practice. Monotype printing is a process that uses a substrate for creating an image on plexiglass and is then ran through an etching press to print the artwork onto paper. This technique is an amazing crossroads between printmaking, painting and drawing.

A tool for painters to create works that can sell for less than works on canvas, but also allow painters an opportunity to create works on paper. While being able to create many images on a single piece of plexiglass and quite literally wiping it clean and start anew.

For printmakers it is a valuable tool for working out ideas, composition and creating pieces that have more painterly and slightly less process based bodies of work. Monotype is a freeing technique in the world of printmaking as its a step away from the rules of conformity and multiples but rather an embrace of freedom and not having to edition works.

If you’re an artist who loves to draw but is looking to make something that has the feel and tactile feel of a print while combining it with your drawing techniques. Monotype is a fun way to expand any artist portfolio and is extremely easy to pick up!

Monotype is a great way to expand your horizons as an artist! Work from references, make something abstract learn how to work with your paper and create beautiful and long lasting works on paper.

What You'll Learn

How to work with plexiglass and printmaking inks

To create works on paper with borders in mind

How to write titles, sign and number your prints

To use different and alternative tools for mark making

To use reference materials and work with a subtractive process on plexiglass

Proper printing and paper handling techniques

Learn to be both precious and forgiving with this technique

1 Day- Pay Per Class
$95.00 USD
4 week course
$325.00 USD

Enrollment Options

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Steven James Mayorga

Steven James Mayorga (He/Him,) born 1992 in Venice Beach, California, grew up with a strong connection to his Chicano roots. Born to a Mexican father and Swedish mother, he has navigated his life as a biracial artist exploring themes of identity, heritage and mythology. He graduated from California College of the Arts in Oakland with a BFA In fine art printmaking. Steven uses his vast knowledge of art from painting and drawing to using fine art printmaking skills to express his place and time in the world, and how he sees it. With a love for astrology, mythology and the occult, he works to create a new world of wonder and mysticism that allows viewers to consider their own connection to the mythical world around us all, and contextualize themselves in a world not devoid of magic, but rather waiting for artist and poets to create it. Steven works to bring printmaking into the lives of artist and other curious parties, so the techniques and knowledge of creating works on paper, with an emphasis on fine art and expression, live on for more generations to come.


Sarah Brooke

Classical Painting Student

Lucky was the day when I googled “art classes Los Angeles” and Kline Academy was first on the list. I have gone from a nervous total beginner to a confident oil painter in less time than I ever thought possible. This is a place where both beginners and professionals can learn in an exciting and supportive atmosphere.

Additional Information

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*Note - Ongoing classes bill from the beginning of the month but you can start your instruction any week!  

*Also be sure to prepay, as this class fills up quickly!

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