Beginning Portrait Painting and Drawing

With instructor

Matteo Di Ventra

Beginning Portrait Painting

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$85 - $1440

Thurs. 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Course Description

The fundamental components of what make a representational painting/ drawing successful are fostered in front of a live model. We will learn how to construct and compose a figure and set up the color and value relationships within the painting or drawing. Not only will we cover the principles of drawing and painting, we will discuss everything from paint or charcoal application, establishing narrative elements in our work, aesthetic, and much more. We will discuss figurative artworks of the past and use compositional elements from those works to inform our models' poses and our paintings' or drawings' narrative themes and composition.

Each model will do one pose for two to four weeks, giving us ample time to maximize our learning and take our painting or drawing to a finished stage. Our models in class will be clothed with thematically specific garments and props so we can begin to build portfolio pieces that are more considered than just a nude figure study. The figure is possibly the most challenging subject to depict authentically and in this class I will equip you with the tools to overcome common struggles we all face on our journey as figurative artists.
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What You'll Learn

How to efficiently block in a quick 2 value drawing of the model. Key landmarks on the portrait that will help us achieve likeness of the sitter.

To be selective of what information you need to focus on for each individual point of your painting or drawing.

Color mixing, how to use the relationship between cool and warm colors to achieve a lifelike realism

To use the full spectrum of tools at our disposal when painting or drawing.

A process, that is fundamentally rooted in artistic principles and traditional drawing and Alla Prima painting techniques, but once learned should be adapted and evolved to better aid your own unique artistic voice.

The instructor will give demos in class

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Kline Academy Assistant Studio Manager + Instructor


Matteo Di Ventra

Matteo Di Ventra is an Italian born artist whose obsession with comic books and video games led him to obsessively draw any chance he could. To cultivate his artistic passions, he attended Laguna College of Art and Design and graduated in the Spring of 2020. The school's heavy emphasis on figurative oil painting and classical drawing was an overwhelming challenge for Matteo, but it eventually led to a love and reverence for the tradition of representational painting.

His work consists of portraits, fairytale inspired scenes, and intimate figure studies. He also enjoys creating digital artwork from his imagination that borrows inspiration from video game art and vintage illustrations.


Amy Olmedo

Classical Painting Student

I absolutely love my painting class at Kline! It is a supportive community for all your art endeavors. I have learned so much!

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