Portrait Painting Workshop

With instructor

Miguel Gonzalez

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$75 - $719

Sat. 2pm - 5pm (Resumes Soon)

Course Description

This course emphasizes the academic approach to painting the portrait from life and the various techniques and mediums used for rendering three-dimensional form. Students will learn how to approach the portrait from working with a live model. The class will be broken down into 3 sections: Week one will introduce students to basic portrait construction. Week two will be introducing students to the concept of form, understanding shape, value, and edge. Week three and beyond we will continue with the long pose and perfecting our painting. Beginners are encouraged to stick with drawing until they can capture accurate proportions. Intermediate and advanced students are welcome to start the first week with paint and you will learn a quick and simple technique for blocking in and advancing your portrait study.

What You'll Learn

Learn basic anatomy of the face and skull and find accurate proportions

Learn to block in the portrait using simple values

Learn how to mix skin tones

Learn to paint the portrait in a representational style and capture a likeness

Continue to refine your style and perfect your proportions with each class

Live demonstrations

Personalized one-on-one instruction

Enrollment Options


Miguel Gonzalez

Miguel Gonzalez was born in Penjamo, Guanajuato, Mexico and raised in Oregon where he began to explore his curiosity for creating art. In 2010, with the encouragement of his mentor, Gonzalez decided to apply to Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) where he recently completed his Bachelors of Fine Art degree. Gonzalez has studied with several highly respectable artists in the Los Angeles area while participating in several group shows along the West coast. Gonzalez, believes that a strong fundamental understanding to drawing and painting will allow students the freedom to create what they desire.


Jong Lee

Figure & Portrait Painting Student

If you are looking for a place to draw or paint in Los Angeles area, Kline Academy of Art is the place to be. It offers a variety of courses geared toward improving drawing and painting skills on many different genres. The instructions are top notch with excellent instructors who will accommodate you no matter what level you are. They also offer workshops by modern masters such as Steven Assael and Robert Liberace! I've been coming here on a regular basis for about two years now and I'm really enjoying the experience at KA.


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