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Canvas Stretching 101 Workshop

With Master Artist

Juri Umagami

1 Night, Dec. 7, 6 - 8:30pm

Course Description

Learn about the tools, materials and techniques needed for stretching your own painting canvas in this workshop. Making your own canvas widens up your options and makes your art unique. The quality is also better than store-bought canvases as they put little gesso possible which causes dry surface. Most importantly, it is CHEAPER when you build it on your own! We are going to stretch a small canvas in this workshop but also explain about how to apply the technique to building big canvases. **We will demonstrate how to prime (gesso) canvas properly. You may gesso your own canvas during the workshop or at home depending on how much time we get left after stretching. We will provide gesso and containers to share if we get to prime canvas. That being said, please bring your own brushes for applying gesso to the workshop. Beginners are welcome. No previous experience required.

What You'll Learn

Build a stretcher using heavy duty gallery stretcher bars

How to use tools safely

Understand the importance of stretching on your own

How to prime canvas (maybe demo only depending on the time)

Personalized instruction

Some materials included


Juri Umagami

Juri Umagami is the rock of Kline Academy. She started oil painting at Usukubo Yuji Art Atelier in Tochigi, Japan when she was eight years old. In 2009, she moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her goal to be an artist and art instructor. She is an avid student of classical technique and a focused artist. She received a BFA at Otis in May, 2017. While pursuing Masters in Fine Art, Juri is working to become an accomplished artist and doing some commissioned work. She teaches her classical drawing and painting classes. For model inquires please contact Juri at artist@klineacademy.com