Earthly Elements Landscape Painting Bootcamp

With Master Artist

Sharon Weaver


Course Description

Many artists want to paint landscapes but are overwhelmed by the complexity of nature and intimidated by venturing outside, setting up an easel and painting. The forms are complicated and it can be confusing. This studio workshop class will help all levels of artists to gain the basic building blocks needed to paint a landscape painting.

Sharon will demonstrate how to paint several basic elements found in most landscapes. Learn the methods for painting a realistic palm tree and oak tree with help mixing believable greens. Understand which blue makes the best sky using variations in value for depth. Learn how to simplify shapes to create realistic rocks.

Sharon is an expert at painting water and can show you how to paint water using different colors and brush strokes. Learn her steps for painting a wave. See how highlights on the water bring life and sparkle to your painting. Sharon will show you how to take these valuable lessons to create a complete landscape painting.

What You'll Learn

Learn to paint elements of the landscape

Learn a method to realistically capture trees

Learn to mix believable greens

Learn how to paint rocks and water

Learn to use brush strokes to create painterly marks

Personalized instruction

Kline Academy Instructor Sharon Weaver


Sharon Weaver

Sharon Weaver is one of the great landscape painters of America. Born with a passion for art, she first attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, later transferring to Parsons School. While working for more than a decade in Manhattan, Sharon's career took her all over the world. Visiting Los Angeles, Sharon found the natural beauty and wide open spaces of California a welcome change from the man-made canyons of New York. It didn't take long for her to move here where she has pursued her art of landscape painting.