Ecorche' (3D Anatomy Figure) Workshop

With Master Artist

Rey Bustos


Course Description

Through lectures that roughly span the first hour, students gain a strong understanding of human anatomy and build the 3D human figure sculpture, Ecorche'.

This 3 dimensional model of the human figure will be created with clay (Super Sculpey) on a wire armature. Adding muscles individually onto one side of the skeleton beginning at the foot and leg, each week moving upwards, thigh and gluteals, front torso, back torso and eventually the head, the end result is a 16 inch 3D anatomical model of the human body that displays simultaneously the bony structures of the skeleton and the muscular forms which lie over them in life.

The objective is to give each student a better idea of surface anatomy to understand the forms seen on the skin layer of the figure. Drawing concepts are also covered to make it easier for students to place the bones and muscles accurately.

What You'll Learn

The major muscle groups of the body

Important landmarks to achieve realistic results

how to achieve accurate proportions

Step-by-step demos, sculpting & drawing lessons and tips

One on one personalized attention

Homework if you want it!

Kline Academy Visiting Instructor Rey Bustos


Rey Bustos

Rey Bustos is an expert at teaching Analytical Figure Drawing, 3-D Anatomy/Ecorchè , Artistic Anatomy for fine artists and artists in the entertainment industry. He currently teaches at Art Center College of Design, Disney Studios, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, CGMA and New Masters Academy. Professor Bustos has a natural way to describe anatomy for the visual artist making it fun and accessible.