Figure & Portrait Drawing Workshop

With Master Artist

Steven Assael

Steven Assael, Graphite on Paper

Workshop fee:

$799.00 USD



Course Description

This advanced drawing workshop will focus on the figure. Steven believes drawing is the cornerstone of painting and sculpture. The selective process that gives meaning and expression to a drawing influences our skills as painters. Drawing begins with what lies beneath the surface and not with what is seen on the surface but by considering the bones, muscle and also the internal dynamic that is at the root of any mass or volume. You will be taught to see and understand form as it moves towards and away from the eye by virtue of the internal dynamic and not by the shell of the surface alone. This course will involve lectures, demos and critiques on a daily basis.

What You'll Learn

Skills of drawing from memory, imagination and observation enable us to visualize ways of expressing form

Discussion of the figure and how to develop the drawing with a focus on movement and how the form is developed to make it look alive.

Discussion of materials and craft

Issues of light and shadow, form, reflective properties of flesh

Discussion of bringing a drawing to completion and selectively finding an expression in the moment

Personalized instruction

Kline Academy Visiting Instructor Shaun Berke


Steven Assael

Steven Assael is an American painter recognized nationally as one of the leading representational figurative artists of his generation. His portrayal of the human image is empathic, ennobling, and psychologically penetrating. Assael's figure compositions synthesize the characteristics of the past masters with a selective eye for the present, suffusing elements of naturalism and romanticism to blend contemporary techniques with those of the past. Born and raised in New York, NY, Assael showed an enthusiasm for art at a young age, taking art classes at the Museum of Modern Art at the age of four. He attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at The New York Academy of Art. Assael's work is included in public and private collections around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, NY) and the Chicago Institute of Fine Arts (Chicago, IL). In 1999 his work was exhibited in a ten-year retrospective at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, Washington and CBS Sunday Morning ran a feature on the artist and the show.