Painting the Portrait with Expression

With Master Artist

David Shevlino

3 Days, Fri. March 18 - Sun 20, 2022 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Description

In this class we’ll focus on portrait painting from a live model. We’ll explore techniques for creating colorful, abstract patterns with a sense of movement and energy by first making a quick underpainting in acrylic, then painting into it with oil paint. Large brushes and a plastic scraper will be used to apply paint generously and to also scrape away to reveal the underlying acrylic underpainting. I’ll also be talking about edges and how blurring the line between the main subject and background helps in creating an abstract pattern of forms, color and dynamism. This class will be helpful for students who have a desire to go beyond traditional representation of the figure and to move out of their comfort zone.

What You'll Learn

Simplifying form into large shapes

Understanding value and the primary role it plays when working in color

Using both brushes/ scrapers to apply paint

Create texture and to manipulate edges

Challenging ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone

One-on-one instruction

Kline Academy Visiting Instructor David Shevlino


David Shevlino

David Shevlino studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (certificate ’84) and the University of Pennsylvania (BFA ’92) and the Art Students’ League of NY. His work has been featured in national publications and he has exhibited his work and taught workshops throughout North America and Europe. He has also produced a series of instructional videos about his painting methods.