Procreate Digital Painting Workshop

With Master Artist

Masha Keating

Marsha Keating, Digital art

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Course Description

In this class, Masha Keating will not only introduce students to the step-by-step, “how to” world of Procreate, but she will also discuss techniques to integrate digital tools into traditional painting practices. It is not an all or nothing approach—traditional painting and digital painting can enhance and complement each other. Day 1 will be spent familiarizing the students with the basics of the Procreate software. Day 2 will be a more in-depth focus on creating complex compositions using the tools learned on Day 1. The goal of this class is not to leave with a finished product, but to share as many tools as possible so that students can explore Procreate further in their own art.

What You'll Learn

An Overview of Procreate

How to create a new canvas and import imagery

How to use brushes, layers, masks, the selection and transform tools

An introduction to layers

One on one personalized attention

Homework if you want it!

Kline Academy Visiting Instructor Masha Keating


Masha Keating

Masha Keating has been producing art as a classically trained oil painter for over 20 years. Within the last few years, she has made a complete transition into digital art. Digital art offers Keating endless artistic expression and opportunity. Although her process is similar in terms of rendering, the treatment of composition is much more free. This freedom allows Keating to work from a non-inhibiting place of creativity—a steady stream of consciousness. She is versed in multiple digital platforms, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Aero, Adobe Dimension and Procreate. Depending on the project, she may combine software, but Procreate is still her favorite tool of choice. Born in Moscow, Russia, Keating immigrated to the United States with her family in 1991. Upon graduation from Otis College of Art and Design, she settled in Santa Barbara, California, where she currently lives and paints. Keating has had over thirty-five solo and group shows combined and has been an active member of numerous art organizations. Most notably is her recognition as one of the Women of Impact, in 130 Women of Impact in 30 Countries, by impactmania.