Still Life Painting Workshop

With Master Artist


Course Description

In this workshop we will explore the process of making a still life painting from start to finish. Students will start by making a linear drawing on paper, which will then be transferred on to a canvas, or painting surface of their choosing. We will then go through how to approach color mixing, completing an underpainting, painting the “main pass” and conclude with finishing touches, including some glazing and scumbling techniques (time permitting). Special emphasis will be put on learning how to make accurate observations from the subject, understanding concepts of color relationships, as well as gaining a clear understanding of how to approach painting light and form. We will also be putting a strong emphasis on understanding the entire process and how each step relates to the final product, so in order to make sure that we can all get through the entire process, students will be encouraged to keep their set ups on the simpler side.

What You'll Learn

How to execute an initial drawing and transfer it to canvas

How to accurately mix colors, avoiding common pitfalls such as “muddy” or “chalky” color

How to set themselves up for success by creating a user-friendly, full color, underpainting

How to realistically depict light and form in full color

Tools for how to effectively investigate what is physically happening in their setup, in regards to light, form and color so that they can accurately depict it in their painting

Basic techniques for adding finishing touches and subtle adjustments, using some simple glazing and scumbling techniques