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Young Artist Summer Camp: Fantasy

With Master Artist

Jordan Tacker

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Workshop fee:

$475.00 USD


4 Days, Monday, August 5th - Thursday August 8th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Course Description

This camp is great for kids who may want to pursue; animation, video game design, fantasy art, environmental design and so much more...

The perfect portfolio building for your kid!

This week-long workshop is oriented for teens and pre-teens looking for an introduction to fantasy painting and illustration. Starting with the foundations of storytelling such as writing, storyboarding, and character design, the students will practice bringing their own characters to life and creating a narrative to take their ideas to a new level of physicality. Students will finish with a finalized illustration intended for portfolio use. This workshop is open to teens and pre-teens with any level of painting experience.

Day 1: After a brief history of fantasy illustrators, the students will solidify their stories with main characters, whether they are a hero, villain or sidekick. We will focus on writing exercises and sketching storyboards in which their characters will exist.

Day 2: Students will begin the detailed drawing of their character while working out lighting, composition, and style. We will also cover transferring drawings to canvas and preparing surfaces for a smooth creative process.

Day 3: We begin painting. The goal of this class is to focus intently on color, texture and coverage of the canvas.

Day 4: Students will continue painting to finalize and detail their characters. After finishing the paintings, we will have an interactive presentation of the works created and discuss how the students can take their characters and stories on future adventures.

What You'll Learn

Learn how to brainstorm characters and bring those characters to life

Learn the importance and history of narrative art

Focus on written and visual storytelling

Learn effective composition for fantasy illustration

Learn to gather and create fantasy reference photos

Exposure to new technologies to enhance your imagination and creative thinking

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