David E. Lunn Memorial Scholarship


David E. Lunn

 1958 - 2020

About The David E. Lunn Memorial Scholarship

We added a new scholarship for aspiring classical drawing & painting students: David E Lunn Memorial Scholarship in honor of a special member of the Kline Academy, David E Lunn.

David was born in San Francisco, CA in 1958. In his early school years his aptitude for drawing and passion for the arts was apparent and profoundly influenced under the instruction of teacher, artist and writer Ruth Lubin. Upon entering college with a focus on Business, Lunn traveled to Europe to study abroad. It was during this time that he was instantly captivated and forever inspired by the splendor of ancient architecture and the classical arts. Even though he pursued a business career he never forgot his passion for art. Aspiring to understand how the masters produced such beautiful work, Lunn would dedicate many hours to self-study learning the old masters’ techniques and sought opportunities to learn from contemporary masters such as Alfred Schollaert and Nick Boskovich.

In retirement at age 59, Lunn finally had the opportunity to pursue an art education under Cheryl Kline at the Kline Academy of Fine Art where he focused on historical painting techniques and continued the development of his own artistic mastery.

David passed away unexpectedly on January 6th, 2020. Having painted several masters’ copies, David had great plans to paint a series of original paintings that were spiritually illuminating and was looking forward to rejoining the class and finally creating his own work.

In memory of David, his wife Priscilla wanted to pass on, to promising artists, the opportunity to pursue an artistic style that reflects the traditional techniques in painting and drawing of the masters and has endowed a foundation for her purpose and raised a scholarship fund in his name.


Scholarship Details

The recipient's interests may reflect David's classical and realism style with Christian spiritual influence.


This scholarship is open to anyone over the age of 18 years (under 18 with parent's permission). 


Award amounts vary annually and range from $260 to $520 per recipient.

This scholarship cannot be combined with the Kline Academy Financial Aid.

H0w to Apply

Submit the following information to artist@klineacademy.com. The recipient of the year will be announced in our Annual Open House - Faculty & Students Exhibition.

  1. Contact information (Name, phone & email address. *Include parent's information if you are under 18) 

  2. Statement of intention (150 - 200 words of why you are interested in this scholarship)

  3. Short bio or previous education and experience

  4. 8 - 10 images of your artwork named in the following format: artistname-titleofwork-yearcompleted.jpg

Artwork by David Lunn