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Why Choose Kline?






The message behind our logo: 

“Artis Creativitas Decus"


Image 7-2-20 at 1.02 PM.jpg

Those words are the hallmark of who we are. Who we are as Artists, Professors and Humans living on this earth we call home.

As Artists we all are in constant pursuit of excellence in our work, exhibiting, garnering commissions and living our dream as artists. As Professors, we pride ourselves on tailoring our skill-based instruction to each individual who comes to take a class with us. We are super proud that we can pass these historic skills to our students and be mentors in their ultimate success and discovery as artists.

Flanking our red shield and palette of the four essential Renaissance colors are a Pegasus and a Unicorn. These beautiful symbols represent the dreams and magic of what all artists seek… 

And at the helm is me, the founder of the academy, who is a warrior for the arts and artists for all who come to learn and grow and create. To make room for all and to honor our collective linage and our unending soul search for a time, place and acceptance to create. 

We teach proven skills from master artists...

Classical Painting at Kline Academy with Cheryl Kline.

Not all art schools are built the same. We are often surprised to find long-time art students, who are still trying to learn how to paint! That's why our founder Cheryl made her motto, "your frustration ends at our front door." Many colleges have become focused on teaching art in a conceptual and historical manner, while many smaller art programs are teaching art in a paint by numbers fashion where everyone does the same painting or offering arts and crafts style classes with little, if any, technique.  At Kline Academy though, you will learn real time tested skills that you can use in your work whether you are taking classes for enjoyment or are working towards a professional career in the arts. These skills have been passed down from teacher to student for centuries and our instructors have traveled the world studying under the living masters of our time, so that they could teach them to you. 


All of our instructors are exhibiting, successful and passionate...

Portrait Painting by Cheryl Kline.

We are proud to be an atelier run by artists for artists. Our Artists-Instructors are masters of their craft. Many institutions hire people who are not active artists to teach, but our artists are not just instructors - they have their own shows, their work is compelling, they are selling it, and they have a passion for art and teaching it to others. Our faculty are also continuously seeking their own artistic mastery and often pass on their revelations to students. No one comes to Kline just to just earn a living and you feel that energy in every class.


We provide a real community of artists...

Painting Demo by Cheryl Kline.

The process of interacting, observing and learning from other artists allows you to take your imagination to new heights whether you are an absolute beginner or a mid-career artist, and that's why at Kline Academy we have nurtured a real sense of community. Our instructors and students often become friends and supporters of each other outside of the class room and many times our faculty has helped students to make the connections they needed to launch their careers as artists.  This is one reason why even our students, who came in long ago and are now great emerging artists in their own right, have remained with us. 

We take pride that our classes are small and student centered...

Portrait Drawing by Shaun Berke

We don’t have student numbers, instead we get to know you by name, and that is the way we like it. We know that learning art-making takes time so, unlike many schools, our classes are small to ensure that every student gets face time with the instructor and we encourage our students to let their instructor know their goals and ideas from day one so we can help you achieve them. And by the way, we don't just care about your art, we care about your life... We often hear that our classes and instructors helped people through challenging times in their lives, to achieve breakthroughs in their careers or just get unstuck!

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