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Student Testimonials


Atelier Now

Atelier Now

Robert with artwork at Kline Academy

Robert Mendoza

Classical Drawing Student

Being a student at Kline has been a great experience. Currently I am taking the classical drawing class on Tuesday nights with Juri and she is the best! A thoughtful and effective communicator, she is a great teacher /motivator. Along with separate daily practice I can see myself getting better at drawing. The class is also a great environment to l earn in with friendly peers who enjoy art and offer support. Highly recommend for those who want to get better at drawing and are discipline.

Jill with artwork at Kline Academy

Jill Taw

Classical Painting Student

Cheryl and Juri are amazing. They are always available for guidance and inspiration. They've taught me to do things with painting I didn't think was possible for me to accomplish. The day I attend class is the best day of the week!

Mary with artwork at Kline Academy

Mary Kato

Classical Drawing & Painting Student

When my 10-year-old daughter told me she wanted to be a professional artist when she grew up, I immediately took her to Kline Academy and signed her up for classes. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to last through a full 3 hour class session at her age, but when I picked her up at the end of the first class the smile on her face told me everything. We’ve been with Kline ever since and plan to continue through high school. They treat us like family! Her progress as a classical artist has been consistently growing and developing due to the great instruction and support she receives. As an artist myself, I feel confident that Kline Academy is giving my daughter a firm foundation and helping her become the artist she has always dreamed of being. - (Mary’s mother: Rebecca Stout)

Jong with artwork at Kline Academy

Jong Lee

Figure & Portrait Painting Student

If you are looking for a place to draw or paint in Los Angeles area, Kline Academy of Art is the place to be. It offers a variety of courses geared toward improving drawing and painting skills on many different genres. The instructions are top notch with excellent instructors who will accommodate you no matter what level you are. They also offer workshops by modern masters such as Steven Assael and Robert Liberace! I've been coming here on a regular basis for about two years now and I'm really enjoying the experience at KA.

David with artwork at Kline Academy

David Lunn

Classical Painting Student

The Kline Academy of Art is a wonderful place for artists of all ages, and levels of ability, to attend. Students of the academy will find it to be a comfortable environment, personally challenging, and very rewarding. For myself, driving 4 hours round trip to the academy to learn from world class instructors has been worth every moment of my time, and can’t wait to begin my next project.

Susan with artwork at Kline Academy

Susan Lim

Classical Painting Student

My name is Susan. I am taking the Classical Painting class on Thursdays. In only one short year, I’ve learnt so much from the team at Kline Academy. I had never done oil painting in my life and I've now completed several masterpieces! Cheryl is the best teacher one can ask for, she is passionate, has vast knowledge about art and to top it of, she really cares about my growth as an artist. Now with the confidence and a background in classical painting, I am ready to explore other style of painting with the classes Kline Academy has to offer!

Sarah with artwork at Kline Academy

Sarah Brooke

Classical Painting Student

Lucky was the day when I googled “art classes Los Angeles” and Kline Academy was first on the list. I have gone from a nervous total beginner to a confident oil painter in less time than I ever thought possible. This is a place where both beginners and professionals can learn in an exciting and supportive atmosphere.

Eliott with artwork at Kline Academy

Eliott Kahn

Landscape Painting Student

I have been a student at Kline Academy since last April.  I’ve been taking Impressionist Landscape classes from Sharon Weaver, and have been having a blast! The atmosphere is supportive and challenging, with the results being unexpected and fulfilling.  The experience has been exciting, fun, and inspirational.

Luc with artwork at Kline Academy

Luc Suter

Classical Painting Student

My name Luc Suter. I have been coming to Kline Academy for 4 years. I am a tattoo artist and when I joined Kline Academy, my understanding of tattooing and art strengthened greatly. I had never painted prior to starting classes here and I instantly fell in love with oil painting. When people ask me why I keep coming to class twice a week religiously after so long I always tell them it’s because I am still constantly learning more every class and every month. Cheryl and Juri and the teachers have decades worth of knowledge that they excitedly enjoying sharing with myself as well as my peers. I don't know if I would have stuck with oil painting the way I have if I had not started classes here. I feel challenged and accomplished with every class I take. I love it here!

Sarah with artwork at Kline Academy

Sarah Kim

Figure Drawing Student

I highly recommend the art classes here at Kline Academy if you want to actually learn the fundamentals and techniques that will give you the tools to create any kind of art! I especially recommend the figure and portrait classes!

Ed with artwork at Kline Academy

Ed Chayet

Contemporary Painting Student

My son enrolled me in a drawing class at Kline Academy over a year ago as a birthday gift knowing that I always loved to draw in my younger years. I realized that despite my limited skill, I was still able to draw. After completing the class, I was inspired to advance into an oil painting class and surprised myself as well as everyone I knew when I produced a copy of a Renaissance master's painting. I continue to go to class weekly and currently on my fifth painting to the delight of my family and friends.

Charlene with artwork at Kline Academy

Charlene Achki-Repko

Landscape Painting Student

I am so happy to have found Kline Academy.  I finally have the time to take painting classes and Kline is the  perfect blend of what I had hoped for....passionate and skilled instructors who are active artists, a nurturing and collaborative environment with other students  (at varying levels) and the ability to work and learn at your own pace and goals with one on one attention.  There are so many classes I want take I feel like this is just the beginning of a great learning experience!

Jessica with artwork at Kline Academy

Jessica Falcone

Landscape Painting Student

I take Sharon Weaver’s In-Studio Landscape class on Wednesdays. Kline Academy is more than an art school, it’s a supportive artists community. Cheryl and her staff have created such a wonderful nurturing environment that has helped me make the leap into the professional world of fine art. Not only do they ground you in the fundamental skills and techniques, but they also encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, be brave, find your style and PLAY!

Kacey with artwork at Kline Academy

Kacey Jawato

Classical Painting Student

I've always felt that perhaps there was an artist nestled away inside of me but never knew how to get to there. The staff and students at Kline Academy with their instruction, encouragement and support have led me (at last!) to find that inner artist. In particular, Cheryl Kline offers a style of instruction that has enabled me to create art at a skill level that I would have never, ever believed possible. I am tackling projects that once were so intimating to me and that is all thanks to Cheryl & the incredible atelier she has established.

Dota with artwork at Kline Academy

Dota Sata

Classical Painting Student

I’m glad to have an opportunity to learn foundation in the traditional way at Kline Academy. Such a class is very rare to find in LA. Teachers are very friendly but not too casual. It’s a hidden gem, definitely.

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