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Kline Academy Policies

General Information

How to Enroll

Students may enroll in person, on the phone or via our website by clicking an Enroll Now button in the class page they wish to enroll in. We will ask for your email and other contact information so that we can reach you in the event of any changes. You can find our class listing here.


Please note if a class is listed as "call to enroll", we may have a waiting list or it may be offered only at select times of the year. For some classes an enrollment fee may apply.

Payment Methods Accepted

When enrolling online or over the phone, you can pay for your selected program(s) using the credit card or debit card of your choice. When enrolling in person, we also accept cash and checks made out to Kline Academy.

Important Policies

Refund Policy

We are not able to offer refunds for any class or workshop for any reason once they have been purchased. As with any professional school it is the students responsibility to ensure they can attend the courses they have enrolled in. If you sign up for a class and need to miss some of the dates within the month you may be able to take advantage of our makeup policy.

There will be no makeups, credits or refunds for your missed Zoom classes for any reason once students enroll. 


Class recordings from Zoom meetings are a courtesy to all attendees. Students' access to the recordings will expire in 5 - 6 days after meetings. We will not be able to extend the access once it expired.


Should any problems arise between your device and Zoom, please note that it is students' responsibility to contact Zoom Help Center for solutions.

Also note out of respect for our diverse student and faculty we maintain an academic calendar that includes a limited number of nationally recognized holiday closures. We extend our make-up policy to any student who is unable to attend a class due to the observance of a religious or cultural holiday.


Kline Academy reserves the right to change its course listings, withdraw a class, modify curriculum or substitute instructors at any time. We always provide professional instructors so there are no refunds for classes in the event of instructor substitution due to illness or other circumstance. We also reserve the right to withdraw any student from the Academy without refund if their conduct is inappropriate. For instances where a class is cancelled due to no fault of the student we will contact you directly to discuss your enrollment options.

Make-up Policy

Students pre-pay all classes by the month or the quarter. It is a commitment that is made by the student and Kline Academy that insures your easel space will be held for you.


We have a make up policy when a student misses a class for whatever reason:

  • Absences will only be eligible for make-up if the student chooses to attend another class within the same month of their pre-paid term.

  • The notice must be given 24 hours in advance and there must be space available in the new chosen class.

  • The only way to roll over the missed class(es) into the new month is to purchase another full month of classes.

  • There will be no make-up sessions for your missed Zoom classes unless students experience issues with the internet.


On special circumstances, we allow a pay-as-you-go for an increased rate of $85 - 90 per 3 hour in-person or $35 - 45 per 1 hour on Zoom.


Most schools and universities do not offer make-ups at all so we hope our policy will work for you. Make-ups are not owed to a student and have no monetary value, they are simply a courtesy extended by Kline Academy. 


Please note you may only take a make-up class when you are enrolled for a least a month and may only be used within the dates you are enrolled. A make-up class is an opportunity to try a different class or teacher and may not be used in the class you are in or added on at the end of the session. Any make-ups or credits expire after a year of purchase or enrollment.

Privacy Policy

Please note that Kline Academy will never give your private information to any third party without your permission. We only use the information collected from students for Academy related use and communications.


Image Consent

Kline Academy reserves the right to take photos and film of any of our classes and workshops for promotional and Academy related purposes which may include students and their artwork. Any images taken by us become property of Kline Academy. When registering for a class or workshop you are consenting that we may use images that include you and your work for this purpose. If you need to refuse this consent for any reason please contact our office when registering.

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