Make-up FAQ

What are make-ups?

Make ups are a courtesy we extend to our students in the understanding that many of them have busy schedules. They are optional and are in no way owed to the student. They have no cash value and do not count as tuition. Students may not save them up to pay for a month of classes or deduct them towards payment for classes. In the end it is a students responsibility when paying for the month to ensure they can attend the classes they pay for. The tuition paid is non-refundable, just like paying college tuition or reserving time at any professional institution.

How do I get a make-up?

You will receive a make-up when you miss a class in a month that you have paid for and you have notifyied us at least 24 HOURS prior to the absense so that we have to opportunity to give your easel space to some one else. Each student keeps track of their own make-ups and we are on the honor system for their use. Make-ups are not auto-matically given because you don't attend.

How do I use a make-up?

While enrolled in a month or longer session, you can use a make-up within the dates you are enrolled for any class besides the one you are enrolled in. So you can use it in a similar offering that is given at a different time or use it to try a completely different class. Just call us to schedule it so we can ensure there is space in the class. You must be enrolled in a class to use a make-up.

Can I just add an extra class at the end of my session if a miss a class?

Unfortunately no. We can not offer this option for the same reason a Gym can't give you a free month if you did not work out at all the previous month... because if we did we would go out of business. This scenario would result in us paying staff, teachers and bills for the school to have free classes and that is not something we can afford to do. Out of fairness to everyone there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Thank you for your understanding.

I am too busy to use a make-up right now, what can I do?

Whenever you come back and enroll in another month of classes in the year you acquired the make-up, you can still use your make-up during the dates you are enrolled. If you are unable to use it at all, we certainly understand that this system does not work for everyone, especially those only planning to come for a short time, but we offer it in the hopes of accommodating as many people as possible. You can pay per class in some instances if you know you will be absent several times during the month but please note make-ups are only available when enrolling for the month. As with any institution of higher learning the student bears the responsibility to attend the classes they enroll in and we are not able to offer any credit, refunds or extensions for missed classes.