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Join the Kline Academy online community

from anywhere in the world!

An incredible selection of online courses for the best learning experience, step by step,

from the comfort of your own home. 

Lessons ranging from Classical Painting Techniques to Abstract & Contemporary Painting from
master artists... we have it all!

And if you feel like unwinding from a long week,

we offer paint along courses that will transport you into the world of impressionist

painting all in one click.

Join us!

The Online Academy

Master Classes for the Artist

Step-by-step classical painting technique with master artists...


Abstract & Contemporary painting classes to explore your artistic language...

Incredible step-by-step lessons on painting the landscape...


Educational conversations & lectures to spark inspiration...

Cheryl's Demo after Renoir_edited.jpg

Fun paint along courses to unwind from a busy day...


Get access to free courses, Learn how to price your work, & more.

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