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Learn Digital Art

At Kline Academy, we have many options from on-site classes, live Zoom classes, to workshops with visiting artists and even pre-taped courses.

If you need guidance, give us a call (310) 927-2436 or contact us.

Live Zoom Class

$45.00 - 160.00 USD

Fundamentals of Digital Painting

with Matt Duckett

Mondays 6:30pm - 8:00pm
(Starting Monday, April 3rd)

In this class, we will examine core digital painting techniques and concepts. We will explore mark-making, color theory, composition, and we will develop a proficiency with the digital painting software Procreate. The class will develop digital painting skills through demonstrations, lectures, critiques, paintovers of student work, and optional homework.

Supplies for the class: ipad, apple pencil, and procreate.

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