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Edgar Silva


Edgar Silva

Edgar Silva is an instructor and contemporary fine art painter from Los Angeles, California. Edgar graduated, with a full scholarship, from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. He has 16 years of experience teaching fundamentals of drawing and painting to college level students.

His most recent project is the design of a head structure. The Head Structure is an artist 3d model reference tool for understanding proportions and planes of the head. Edgar is currently working on a project that focuses on elaborating more tools to assist artists develop a strong foundation. His passion for teaching motivates him to continue developing tools that can help the new generation of students to reach their goals.

Growing up in LA, Edgar was exposed to many artists and art forms. The theme and direction of his work is to paint in a naturalist manner the hard work, dreams, and goals of his family, friends, and the Los Angeles working class. He focuses on visually capturing moments that give life meaning.

Edgar Silva continues showing his work in galleries, and he is currently teaching painting and drawing classes at several art colleges and workshops that cover drawing and painting from life.



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