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Regina Lyubovnaya


Regina Lyubovnaya

Regina Lyubovnaya is a Russian born artist. Regina’s educational path led her from the Moscow Institute of Arts, to Loyola Marymount University, to the Pasadena Art Center of Design. Following this, she studied at the Florence Academy of Art and went on to the Student League of New York. Her most influential teacher remains to be David Leffel. Her teaching is indebted to Leffel's wisdom and understanding painting as a logical visual language.

During her 30 years of painting, Regina has taught at Brentwood Art Center, Kline Academy, Los Angeles Fine Art Academy, and has conducted numerous workshops.

Regina paints because "there is nothing like being in a state of meditation, translating reality into the language of paint." Regina’s vision is filtered through sensitivity to magical light; this light is the soul of her paintings. In her work, she seeks a balance between traditional realism and expressive abstraction, images are not merely illustrations but are sculptures of paint. The paintings are about the surface as much as the subject matter. The richness of her paint, the brilliance of her colors and the expressiveness of her brushstrokes all work together to create a timeless illusion of her reality.”


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