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Steven James Mayorga


Steven James Mayorga

Steven James Mayorga (He/Him,) born 1992 in Venice Beach, California, grew up with a strong connection to his Chicano roots. Born to a Mexican father and Swedish mother, he has navigated his life as a biracial artist exploring themes of identity, heritage and mythology. He graduated from California College of the Arts in Oakland with a BFA In fine art printmaking. Steven uses his vast knowledge of art from painting and drawing to using fine art printmaking skills to express his place and time in the world, and how he sees it. With a love for astrology, mythology and the occult, he works to create a new world of wonder and mysticism that allows viewers to consider their own connection to the mythical world around us all, and contextualize themselves in a world not devoid of magic, but rather waiting for artist and poets to create it. Steven works to bring printmaking into the lives of artist and other curious parties, so the techniques and knowledge of creating works on paper, with an emphasis on fine art and expression, live on for more generations to come.


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