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Kline Academy Studio Instructor Consuelo Gugol

Strategy and Operations Manager


Consuelo Gugol

Consuelo is a San Francisco Bay Area native and graduate from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. As a spectator of the human condition, she thrives at the intersection of art, culture, cognition, and language with the goal of realizing her potential as a storyteller and creative to connect with other curious thinkers.

Prior to joining Kline Academy of Fine Art, Consuelo was a nonprofit fundraising professional for over a decade, serving in various roles at Los Angeles institutions that seek to improve opportunities for children and adults in low-income communities, with a focus on K-12, teacher, family, and adult art education programs. As a beneficiary of youth art education programs herself, Consuelo is thrilled to join Kline Academy to pay it forward to the next generation of artists and teachers.

When she is not writing or drawing, Consuelo can be found being a personal trainer, Olympic weightlifting, and playing with her cat named Mister Zipper who she loves dearly.

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