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Gabriel Castro

The Chilean native was born in 1994 to a Graphic Designer and an Advertiser, which laid the foundations for his own passion in arts. In 2009, Gabriel Castro, began his art school career with an interest for concept design and graphic novels in the Visual Arts Department at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts,

His interest in Fine Arts peaked there, thanks to history classes taught by art historian, Lori Rusch.

Craving the regal, traditional styles and training, he attended the Laguna College of Art and Design for Drawing + painting with a minor in Sculpture

In 2015, Gabriel made it to the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, where he was the first LCAD student to attend their Sculpture department as part of a study abroad program. While there, he studied under renowned sculptor Robert Bodem for two trimesters before returning to California to finish his BFA with LCAD. Then returned to Florence for one more year before returning home to Los Angeles.

Currently, he resides in the Valley, showing some of his work with the Dark Art Emporium in Long Beach under the name “Loneschach”.

Faculty and Staff


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