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Abstract and Contemporary Landscape Painting, All Level

With instructor

Scott Yeskel

Beginning Abstract painting at Kline Academy

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$85 - $1440

Mon. 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Course Description

Have you ever pondered the various ways of transforming your painting muse into an abstract expression of how or what you feel?

Seems a bit complicated, but worth a shot, right?

Take a photo of a specific scene that you are fond of, whether it's a downtown busy street, the ocean, a sweeping meadow, ect. and begin to understand its rhythm. Is it calm? frantic? Does it overlap in size and shape, is it warm or cool? Next, take your picture and crop it, blow it up, imagine it from a birds eye view.

Starting to sound interesting?

In this course with a working, professional artist, you will learn and develop a system of painting abstract imagery that will make your work grow leaps and bounds. Yeskel will explain the mesh between midcentury abstraction and realism and how it has evolved in today's art world. Learn to paint abstractly while staying in touch with traditional methods and techniques.

What You'll Learn

Compose your scene with a hierarchy of interest in mind

Learn a developed system of abstract painting

Learn how to work with emotion, color, rhythm

Learn how to maximize a provocative composition

Learn how warm and cool colors affect your painting's focal point

Learn how to mix colors and keep them "clean"

See live demonstrations of all processes of creating your painting - step by step

One Day - Pay Per Class
$85.00 USD
4 week course
$280.00 USD
8 week course
$530.00 USD
12 week course
$780.00 USD
18 week course
$1125.00 USD
24 week course
$1440.00 USD

Enrollment Options

Kline Academy Instructor Scott Yeskel


Scott Yeskel

Scott Yeskel was raised in the suburbs of Orange County, California after his parents moved from New Jersey when he was a child. The mild weather and suburban sprawl fueled Scott’s interest in the landscape. After graduating from high school, he moved to San Francisco to pursue an education in the arts. Yeskel graduated from the Academy of Art College in 2002 where he won first place in the Landscape category at the Academy’s Annual Spring Show. He was quickly picked up by galleries in Philadelphia, Laguna Beach and San Francisco. Since that time, Scott has been the subject of over a dozen solo shows, countless group exhibitions and has been featured in over 20 magazine and newspaper editorials. His work speaks to those who identify with the California lifestyle – often romantic but sometimes plagued with fustration. His love/hate relationship with Los Angeles’ freeways, boxy apartments and urban sprawl feed Yeskel’s desire to paint his environment as he sees – a jumble of mixed emotions. Recently, Scott’s work was purchased by prestigious corporate collections including Microsoft and NBC/ Universal.


John Ramseier

Abstract Painting Student

I have been a student at the Kline Academy for about 4 months now and it has been a great experience. I came to the Abstract Painting class with absolutely zero training – and after 2 classes I was actually painting! Now I’m totally hooked, making really great progress and enjoying every minute.  The teachers and staff at Kline Academy are fantastic. It’s a no stress, creative and very supportive environment, for people of all ages. I highly recommend!

Additional Information

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*Note - Ongoing classes bill from the beginning of the month but you can start your instruction any week!  

*Also be sure to prepay, as this class fills up quickly!

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