Narrative Portrait Painting

With instructor

Cheryl Kline

Storytelling with Portraits

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$100 - $570

Wed. 2pm - 5pm (Resume Soon)

Course Description

We begin by setting the pose and creating enough “atmosphere” to add an element of mystery to our sitter. Caravaggio was a master of “Chiaroscuro” literally “coming out of the dark.” We will use this method for more dramatic lighting and shadows. This is a long pose, live model workshop and students will advance at their own pace. Many times we will begin with a monochromatic painting and then we focus our attention to the endless variables of skin tones and lighting, shadow patterns and modeling the form. We encourage artists to develop their own unique style and add their own story elements to the pose. The last thing we want is to churn out clones of us.

What You'll Learn

Learn to set up the pose to create a narrative

Learn how to create dramatic lighting

Learn to mix skin tones from a Florentine Palette

Learn how old master glazing techniques can aid in unifying your painting

Learn ways to check your proportions using mirrors, iphone, and photography

Watch live demonstrations throughout to visually guide you

Personalized one-on-one instruction

One Day - Pay Per Class
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Kline Academy Founder & Owner Cheryl Kline


Cheryl Kline

Cheryl Kline, founder and owner of Kline Academy is a working artist whose works are found in the collections of noted individuals and institutions around the world. She has won numerous awards including an Honorable mention from the Portrait Society of America and Salmagundi Club of New York. She studied with master artist Jan Saether at The Bruchion School of Realist Art the same building as Kline Academy is located today, and at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Kline has a Degree in Commercial Art from Woodbury University.


Gaille Heidemann

Classical Drawing Student

Good God, girl, what an artist you are. The painting looked so great at the get-go I thought I’d missed a few hours of class. And then you transformed it again in a new, richer and more vibrant way. What a total privilege watching you paint, direct, consult, problem solve, critique, field email messages, all the while keeping up a running commentary of teaching tips and feedback for Zoom students and others in-house in a mask during a pandemic, no less.. Some of us can’t follow a cooking recipe while having a conversation in the kitchen. If you took up juggling, I don’t think you’d have to practice. You are as encouraging with the strugglers as with the accomplished.

I can see that without a thorough knowledge of the structure of the face and body (along with all the other fundamentals) I would be very frustrated trying to paint at this time. General vs. specific. Plane changes are where the fun color choices reside so I need to master them. For the rest of this bizarre year I will continue working with our girl Juri on drawing and then see how far my skill set has progressed. Thanks again for another great inspiring class, and for the high standards and encouragement. After all the multi-tasking a lovely hot bath and a stiff drink might be in order - for you, not me!

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