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Gold Leaf & Landscape Painting Workshop

With Master Artist

Sharon Weaver

Friday, November 10 | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Description

Gold Leaf is a wonderful technique that has been used throughout art history. It is luminous, reflective and adds an unusual dimension to your painting. This one day class will teach students how to apply gold leaf to a landscape painting but gold leaf can be used to bring mystery and drama to any subject that you choose.

Outline of One Day Class:

A slide presentation will show the many ways to use gold leaf and inspire your imagination. After the slide show, Sharon will demonstrate how to apply gold leaf. Reference images will be provided. Tinting the panel and transferring the image onto the panel from a reference are the first step. Sharon will demonstrate how to apply the glue and then the gold leaf. Each student will then complete there gold leaf application with Sharon’s supervision. A final sealer is applied to the gold leaf to prime for painting.

Sharon will demonstrate how to paint the landscape on the prepared gold leaf panel. All students will start with a dark under painting and then continue the painting process.

What You'll Learn

Learn about the many ways to use gold leaf.

Learn how to apply gold leaf to your surface and then let your imagination take you into different and unique ways of using gold leaf.

Learn a method that brings luminous light to any painting.

Learn how to highlight trees.

Learn how to highlight trees.

Personalized instruction.

Kline Academy Instructor Sharon Weaver


Sharon Weaver

Sharon Weaver is one of the great landscape painters of America. Born with a passion for art, she first attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, later transferring to Parsons School. While working for more than a decade in Manhattan, Sharon's career took her all over the world. Visiting Los Angeles, Sharon found the natural beauty and wide open spaces of California a welcome change from the man-made canyons of New York. It didn't take long for her to move here where she has pursued her art of landscape painting.

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