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Kline Academy 16-Year Anniversary

Open House, Student & Faculty Exhibit

Student and Faculty Submission Guide and Resources

Event Details


October 28th & 29th, 2023


Saturday, Oct. 28th, 5pm to 9pm 

Sunday, Oct. 29th, noon to 5pm


Kline Academy of Fine Art

3264 Motor Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90034

Types of work in the exhibit:

  • Classical Paintings ranging from master copies, to still lifes, and personal projects

  • Drawings from observation including casts, still lifes, and master copies

  • Landscape paintings from direct observation during Plein Air workshops as well as works from reference images

  • Abstract works inspired by the deconstruction of imagery or intuitive based processes 

  • Contemporary Landscape Painting

  • Figure paintings and drawings from direct observation or concept based narratives

Don't Miss It!

Happy Open House 2023! We are so excited for our 16th annual student and faculty show showcasing amazing works from our community!

Below you will find instructions and resources to help you prep and submit your work. Should you have any questions, please contact our staff at the office at (310) 837-7194.

Here's to celebrating 16 years of representational and realist art in Los Angeles! Our students and faculty are at the heart of everything we do. Thank you for making our studio a vibrant place to work and learn and making this spectacular event possible!

Submission Requirements

1. Submitted artworks must have been made in the last two years in one of our classes

2. Artworks must be approved by your instructor

3. Both drawings and paintings are welcome!

4. There is a two (2) piece limit per student. If you are in multiple classes, please only submit one (1) piece per class.

5. Artworks must be ready to hang! Drawings must be framed and paintings either framed or wired.

6. If you are selling your work, please note the studio takes 20% of the sale. If you are not selling your artwork, please mark as Not For Sale (NFS)

Submit Your Work Step-by-Step

1. Select your work(s) and talk to your instructor for approval. 


2. Complete the Open House Submission Form

3. Prepare your artworks for hanging. See resources below!

4. Drop off your physical artwork at the studio. Works will be physically accepted from October 15 to October 22. No exceptions!

Framing Resources

1. Kline Academy has a partnership with the on Venice Blvd. Mention you're a student at Kline Academy and receive a discount. Discounts are dependent on size, but at least 10% off is guaranteed!​

2. Blick Art Supply also has framing services. Our local Blick is located in West Los Angeles at 11531 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025.


3. Cheap frames can be purchased at Michaels for those who like to DIY!

4. Here is step-by-step tutorial on how to wire a canvas for hanging on YouTube:

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