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Art Journey of Painting

With instructor

Art Journey: Drawing & Painting Fundamentals

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$90 - $1500

Sun. 2pm - 5pm

Start Date TBA

Course Description

In this artistic journey, our goal will be to learn the rules to eventually break them!

We will be stepping beyond traditional approaches by combining both classical and contemporary techniques. We will initially focus on grasping the fundamentals, but will gradually push beyond our comfort zones and what we see through the manipulation of value, color, composition, execution, and subject matter.

After getting a good grasp of the fundamentals, students will be encouraged to break the rules. Students will have the option to brainstorm unique ideas/compositions to work from while combining previously learned material. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a full spectrum of colors, play with mixed media, different textures, subject matter, you name it! The possibilities in this class will be endless as we continue to push the boundaries, think outside the box, and break the rules.

What You'll Learn

Learning the fundamentals of painting.

Sharpening your painting skills.

Pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Manipulation of value, color, composition, execution, and subject matter.

Explore various styles and techniques.

Build a body of work for your portfolio.

Receive valuable feedback and personalized one-on-one instruction.

One Day - Pay Per Class
$90.00 USD
4 week course
$290.00 USD
8 week course
$550.00 USD
12 week course
$820.00 USD
18 week course
$1,175.00 USD
24 week course
$1,500.00 USD

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Kevin Norris

Classical Drawing & Painting Student

The training I've received at Kline Academy has been invaluable in developing my skill as an artist. The academy's flexible course schedule and variety of classes allow me to dictate the pace of instruction to meet my goals, and its highly skilled staff make learning art approachable. Above all, Kline Academy's supportive environment has made it my destination for learning art over the past year.

Additional Information

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*Note - Ongoing classes bill from the beginning of the month but you can start your instruction any week!  

*Also be sure to prepay, as this class fills up quickly!

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