Classical Painting Workshop

With instructor

Cheryl Kline

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$75 - $719

Wed. 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Resumes Soon)

Thurs. 11:30am - 2:30pm (Resumes Soon)

Course Description

I can't tell you how many students come to me who have had years of art school and have never been "taught" how to paint! But their frustration ends at our front door!

Whenever an Artist speaks about a "linage" of instruction, it is a proud declaration of where their knowledge came from. Ours is a fusion of Northern European, Classical Italian and California Impressionism. With this background we can hone in on an individual's choice of style once foundations in painting are achieved.

The first “initiation” exercise that students in this class must accomplish is our Compass Rose exercise. This skill-based exercise teaches the student so many lessons; first, basic skills like brush strokes, values, color mixing, blending, glazing and much more. We work with a limited palette of colors and then modern pigments for final glazing. At the end of this project the student will be introduced to a new way of “seeing” and develop a visual language which will last a lifetime. The next exercise is a tradition that has been practiced for centuries... copying old master paintings. It’s as if Di Vinci himself were sitting on your shoulder and speaking to you, revealing his secrets from centuries past...and is now your teacher ...and all you have to do is listen.

After a series of master paintings, I encourage students to explore many other styles. Palette knife paintings, landscapes, still lifes and to explore images that move them in some way but to continue to use and apply the principles that they have learned in their previous exercises.

What You'll Learn

Renaissance Painting Techniques

Produce monochromatic studies while learning about values

Alchemy of materials and mediums

How to apply color & how to mix paint

Glazing Secrets

Explore various painting styles

Live demonstrations and personalized instruction to help you learn faster

Enrollment Options


Cheryl Kline

Cheryl Kline, founder and owner of Kline Academy is a working artist whose works are found in the collections of noted individuals and institutions around the world. She has won numerous awards including an Honorable mention from the Portrait Society of America and Salmagundi Club of New York. She studied with master artist Jan Saether at The Bruchion School of Realist Art the same building as Kline Academy is located today, and at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Kline has a Degree in Commercial Art from Woodbury University.


Luc Suter

Classical Painting Student

My name Luc Suter. I have been coming to Kline Academy for 4 years. I am a tattoo artist and when I joined Kline Academy, my understanding of tattooing and art strengthened greatly. I had never painted prior to starting classes here and I instantly fell in love with oil painting. When people ask me why I keep coming to class twice a week religiously after so long I always tell them it’s because I am still constantly learning more every class and every month. Cheryl and Juri and the teachers have decades worth of knowledge that they excitedly enjoying sharing with myself as well as my peers. I don't know if I would have stuck with oil painting the way I have if I had not started classes here. I feel challenged and accomplished with every class I take. I love it here!


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