Introduction to Oil Painting

With instructor

Juri Umagami

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$75 - $719

Sat. 2pm - 5pm

Course Description

Whenever an Artist speaks about a "linage" of instruction, it is a proud declaration of where their knowledge came from. Ours is a fusion of Northern European, Classical Italian and California Impressionism. With this background we can hone in on an individual's choice of style once foundations in painting are achieved.

The first “initiation” exercise that students in this class must accomplish is our Compass Rose exercise. This exercise teaches the student first, basic skills for blending, glazing etc. the Zorn palette of colors and then introduces the student to a new way of “seeing.”

Week 1: Renaissance Rub-out. We will cover “how to start a painting.” You will learn foundation techniques such as how to hold a brush, how to use a palette, and how much oil and paint to use.
Week 2-3: Values / Transition and Collision. We will focus on values, transitions and collisions using the monochromatic palette.
Week 4-5: Color Mixing. We will explore the essentials of color using the “Zorn Palette.” You may create a color chart along with the main project.
Week 6: Mixing Black / Glazing Week
7: Application - Color Matching / Master Copy.

What You'll Learn

Learn Renaissance Painting Techniques

Produce monochromatic studies

How to apply color & how to mix paint

Alchemy of materials and mediums

Glazing Secrets

Live demonstrations and personalized instruction to help you learn faster

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Juri Umagami

Juri Umagami is the rock of Kline Academy. She started oil painting at Usukubo Yuji Art Atelier in Tochigi, Japan when she was eight years old. In 2009, she moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her goal to be an artist and art instructor. She is an avid student of classical technique and a focused artist. She received a BFA at Otis in May, 2017. While pursuing Masters in Fine Art, Juri is working to become an accomplished artist and doing some commissioned work. She teaches her classical drawing and painting classes. For model inquires please contact Juri at


Geraldine Domingo

Classical Drawing Student

Going to Kline Art Academy has helped me tremendously with feeling more confident in my drawing skills. Juri is an awesome teacher! She will push and inspire you to see things in different perspectives to make your artwork come alive!


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