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Quick Sketch Figure Drawing

With instructor

Edgar Silva

Quick Sketch Figure Drawing

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$85 - $1440 (Buy a 4 pack and get $20 off with code Figure20off or buy an 8 pack and get $30 off with code Figure30off )

Thurs. 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Classes start September 14th!

Course Description

This course will be an in-depth study on drawing the human figure. It will emphasize the understanding of the gesture, rhythm, and construction of the human form. It will establish a simple drawing process of the human figure. The complex structures of the figure will be simplified into manageable units. Each session will be supplemented with lectures, drawing concepts, and demonstrations.

Students will acquire a full understanding of the fundamentals, gestures, and construction of the figure. This class is great for anyone who is interested in developing figure invention skills. This class is not about copying, but about analyzing the figure and drawings that communicate designs and ideas.

Weekly Curriculum:
Week 1: Intro to gesture drawing. Introduce the drawing process (1D-2D-3D)
Week 2: Gesture drawing and form balance: (parts-connections, gesture-structure)
Week 3: Introduce simple form connections; head, neck and shoulder
Week 4: Introduce proportion, and bony key landmarks
Week 5: Introduce structure and form construction
Week 6: Introduce head construction
Week 7: Torso structure and form construction
Week 8: Arm structure and form construction
Week 9: Hip and leg construction
Week 10: Lecture on form, value and laws of light

What You'll Learn

The fundamentals of figure drawing

Gesture, rhythm, and construction of the human form

The two main ideas of art: gesture and structure

A simple method and process: 1D gesture, 2D shape, and 3D form

Standard proportions of the figure

Figure invention skills

6 value process of rendering forms

One Day - Pay Per Class
$85.00 USD
4 week course
$280.00 USD
8 week course
$530.00 USD
12 week course
$780.00 USD
18 week course
$1,125.00 USD
24 week course
$1,440.00 USD

Enrollment Options

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Edgar Silva

Edgar Silva is an instructor and contemporary fine art painter from Los Angeles, California. Edgar graduated, with a full scholarship, from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. He has 16 years of experience teaching fundamentals of drawing and painting to college level students.

His most recent project is the design of a head structure. The Head Structure is an artist 3d model reference tool for understanding proportions and planes of the head. Edgar is currently working on a project that focuses on elaborating more tools to assist artists develop a strong foundation. His passion for teaching motivates him to continue developing tools that can help the new generation of students to reach their goals.

Growing up in LA, Edgar was exposed to many artists and art forms. The theme and direction of his work is to paint in a naturalist manner the hard work, dreams, and goals of his family, friends, and the Los Angeles working class. He focuses on visually capturing moments that give life meaning.

Edgar Silva continues showing his work in galleries, and he is currently teaching painting and drawing classes at several art colleges and workshops that cover drawing and painting from life.



Sarah Kim

Figure Drawing Student

I highly recommend the art classes here at Kline Academy if you want to actually learn the fundamentals and techniques that will give you the tools to create any kind of art! I especially recommend the figure and portrait classes!

Additional Information

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*Note - Ongoing classes bill from the beginning of the month but you can start your instruction any week!  

*Also be sure to prepay, as this class fills up quickly!

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