Teen Drawing & Painting

With instructor

Scott Yeskel

Teen Drawing & Painting Course

Course fee ranges from:

(based on selection)

$45- $200

Mon. 4pm - 6pm (Registration Open)

Course Description

Learning to draw and paint opens up an amazing and colorful world. It can be both fun and rewarding and also frustrating when you don’t have the skills to paint or draw what you want. That is where we come in...

We have structured this foundation drawing & painting class so that many different skill levels from absolute beginner to intermediate artist can participate. Start the class with basic drawing & painting exercises along with explaining your materials and how to use them to achieve ultimate results. We will spend time drawing & painting the basic forms from life using direct lighting to help you understand value. You will learn how to see these same basic forms when you draw & paint more complex objects. You will learn about proper proportions and relationships. We will cover eye level and foundation perspective, explore line and values, direct lighting and cast shadows as well as soft and hard edges. You will be given lots of one on one instruction with plenty of demonstrations to guide you through the different elements of good painting.

Do you have specific portfolio requirements? Let us know and we will gladly work with you to achieve your goals.

What You'll Learn

Learn to draw & paint simple to complex objects

Learn how to understand value

Work with lighting as it relates to form

Learn how to paint and mix clean colors.

Learn perspective and composition

Learn to how to develop your student portfolio

One Day - Pay Per Class
$55.00 USD
2 Mondays | May 17 - 22 (*No Class on 5/31) | 4:00pm - 6:00pm | $10 off
$100.00 USD
4 Mondays | June 7 - 28| 4:00pm - 6:00pm | $20 off
$200.00 USD

Enrollment Options

Kline Academy Instructor Scott Yeskel


Scott Yeskel

Scott Yeskel was raised in the suburbs of Orange County, California after his parents moved from New Jersey when he was a child. The mild weather and suburban sprawl fueled Scott’s interest in the landscape. After graduating from high school, he moved to San Francisco to pursue an education in the arts. Yeskel graduated from the Academy of Art College in 2002 where he won first place in the Landscape category at the Academy’s Annual Spring Show. He was quickly picked up by galleries in Philadelphia, Laguna Beach and San Francisco. Since that time, Scott has been the subject of over a dozen solo shows, countless group exhibitions and has been featured in over 20 magazine and newspaper editorials. His work speaks to those who identify with the California lifestyle – often romantic but sometimes plagued with fustration. His love/hate relationship with Los Angeles’ freeways, boxy apartments and urban sprawl feed Yeskel’s desire to paint his environment as he sees – a jumble of mixed emotions. Recently, Scott’s work was purchased by prestigious corporate collections including Microsoft and NBC/ Universal.


Mary Kato

Classical Drawing & Painting Student

When my 10-year-old daughter told me she wanted to be a professional artist when she grew up, I immediately took her to Kline Academy and signed her up for classes. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to last through a full 3 hour class session at her age, but when I picked her up at the end of the first class the smile on her face told me everything. We’ve been with Kline ever since and plan to continue through high school. They treat us like family! Her progress as a classical artist has been consistently growing and developing due to the great instruction and support she receives. As an artist myself, I feel confident that Kline Academy is giving my daughter a firm foundation and helping her become the artist she has always dreamed of being. - (Mary’s mother: Rebecca Stout)

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