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Young Artist Summer Camp: Mixed Media

With Master Artist

Juri Umagami

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Workshop fee:

$475.00 USD


4 Days, Monday, July 22nd - Thursday July 25th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Young Artist Camp Bundle Deals!
Buy (2) weeks of camp get $50 off
Buy (3) weeks of camp get $75 off

in order to claim this deal please contact the enrollment office directly at: (310) 837-7194 or email us at &/or

This offer won't last long, please contact us to take advantage of this sale!

Course Description

Explore the many forms of mixed media in this 4 day workshop with Juri Umagami!

Day 1 Mono Print Making
Mono print day starts with instructor's demo on how to create unique prints. Students learn about how to paint on plates and transfer to paper using the press.

Day 2 Collage Making
The instructor will show some collage pieces of her own and also introduce some artists who practices collage in their work for inspiration. Students will start cutting/tearing off some fabrics and paper and images from books/magazines to create a mixed media piece.

Day 3 Painting without Brushes
We will explore various techniques and ways to apply paints onto a surface without using brushes. We will learn about color mixing, composition and form while experimenting with a variety of materials to apply paints with.

Day 4 Gold Leaf Guilding Painting
The instructor will demonstrate how to guild gold leaves on small wood panel or paper. Once the surface is ready, students start painting on the gilded surface using acrylic paint. (Instructor encourages students to use techniques learned from previous days.)

What You'll Learn

Explorations of Materials: learn to work with various art materials

Creative Expressions: develop artistic skills and learn to express themselves in unique ways

Critical Thinking: learn to come up with effective compositions and design elements

Fun and Relaxation: we provide fun and relaxing environments where your kids can enjoy the process of art making without any stress or pressure

- Portfolio Building: create a diverse portfolio of mixed media works.

- Friendship and Community: Make new friends with similar interests and passions

Workshop Gallery
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