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Young Artist Summer Camp: Plein Air

With Master Artist

Jessica Falcone

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Workshop fee:

$475.00 USD


4 Days, Monday, July 29th - Thursday August 1st 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Location TBA
Young Artist Camp Bundle Deals!
Buy (2) weeks of camp get $50 off
Buy (3) weeks of camp get $75 off

in order to claim this deal please contact the enrollment office directly at: (310) 837-7194 or email us at &/or

This offer won't last long, please contact us to take advantage of this sale!

Course Description

Join us for an exciting 4-day plein air painting workshop, designed specifically for teens. Explore the beautiful city of Los Angeles, learn new skills, and create unique artwork inspired by the city's vibrant light and colors!

Day 1: Studio Session - Foundations of Plein Air Painting

We begin our journey in the studio, where you'll learn the fundamentals of plein air painting. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the basics of color theory, composition, and brushwork, preparing you for the outdoor painting adventures to come. Get comfortable with your materials and learn how to capture the essence of the great outdoors!

Days 2-3: On-Location Painting en Plein Air (locations TBD at a later date)
• Paint at beautiful LA locations like beaches, parks, or cityscapes
• Apply studio lessons to real-world painting experiences
• Get feedback and guidance from an experienced artist

Day 4: Studio Session - Refining Your Artwork

After two days of painting on location, we'll return to the studio to refine your techniques and put the finishing touches on your artwork. Our instructor will offer personalized feedback and guidance as you work on your pieces, incorporating the skills and inspiration you've gathered throughout the workshop. Celebrate your accomplishments and take home your finished pieces as a reminder of your creative adventure!

Workshop Highlights:

• 1 day of studio instruction to learn the fundamentals of plein air painting
• 2 days of plein air painting on location in Los Angeles
• 1 day of studio time to refine techniques and finish artwork
• Guidance and feedback from an experienced artist
• Small group size to ensure personalized attention
• A fun and supportive community of fellow teen artists

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the world of plein air painting and capture the beauty of LA's summer light! Sign up today and get ready for an unforgettable creative adventure!

What You'll Learn

Plein Air Painting Basics: Learn how to choose a location, what materials & supplies to pack, how to set up your easel, and capture the light before it changes!

Composition: Learn how to compose a painting that leads the viewer's eye through the scene, using principles like the rule of thirds and leading lines.

Observing and Sketching: Learn how to choose the scene, take reference photos, sketch the composition with pencil or charcoal, simplifying shapes and forms
and create a small value study.

Value and Contrast: Understand how to create depth and dimension by using value (light and dark) and contrast to separate objects and create visual interest.

Color Theory: Understand how to mix and apply colors to capture the fleeting effects of natural light and atmosphere.

Brushwork: Discover various brushstrokes and techniques to achieve different textures and effects. Learn how to use and vary edge control like Soft vs Hard edges that can help define shapes, create depth, and convey atmosphere.

Workshop Gallery
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